Become a recognized training provider

1. Determine contact person

Access data

After sending the registration you will receive a confirmation link to this address
At least 8 characters, including upper and lower case letters, 1 number and one of the following special characters: "!_:@,#;$%"

2. Provide company details

Declaration of consent

3. Fill in and send the contract

In order to become a recognized training provider, your company must sign a contract for “Recognized Training Providers” with the UXQB. You must sign two paper copies of the contract and send both copies to UXQB, who will sign them and return one to you. You can download the contract from our website".'

Download contract

Send contract

Please send the completed and signed contract via email to or by mail to:

UXQB e.V. Burgmauer 10
D-50667 Köln